Our founder and guiding father Luangta Maha Boowa was born from a traditional Thai farmer family named Lohitdee located in Ban Taat district, Udon province, which is located in the north-east part of Thailand, also known to many as Isaan. He was born in August 12th, 1912. His father’s name was Tong Dee and his mother’s name was. Paeng and gave birth to their son proudly named Boowa.

Ordination / Monk life

Luangta Maha Bowwa at the age of 21 was ordained on May 12, 1933 at Yodha Nimitr temple located in Muang district Udon Thani province Thailand. The leader or “acceptor” to Luangta Maha Boowa when he was ordained was Phra Dhammajedee also known as Joom Panthulo and gave Luanta Maha Boowa his “born again name” which is Nyannasampanno. The meaning of his born-again name is “the perceptive one”. Luanta Maha Boowa was known as taking important things in life very seriously, with his original intention of only being a monk for 2 years, once the 2 years past it became a lifelong dedication.


Luangta Maha Boowa was a student the most famous Forest monk in Thailand named Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta, who was well revered of all the forest monks in Thailand. The time of his monkhood was under the Rattanakosin dynasty. Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta was born January 20, 1869 and lived until November, 11 1949. Luangta Maha Boowa studied and learned everything from Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta and later dedicated himself as a teacher, guiding the way for the younger generation. Luangta Maha Boowa was accepted and well known by the entire Buddhist community to include monks and lay people. He worked very hard to spread the good word of the Dharma. He was very progressive in his thinking about how to share the Dharma, and an example of this was that he established a radio station which in return shared his teachings used to inspire and motivate the people for their spiritual life.

Lastly, Luangta Maha Boowa’s compassion to the people of Thailand really showed during a time of crisis. For the last 10 or so years of his life, he was the leader and spearheaded a national fund raising period which assisted in generating a reserve of money and gold and was stored in the Thai National Treasury. His fund raising resulted in generating 13 tons of gold and 10 million US Dollars before he passed away, all of the donations of god and money totaled well over $550 million US dollars.

Background of the resident monks at CFMOL

Luangphor Jumras Jantajoto, was born in 1955 in Baan Muang district located in north east part of Thailand, Sakon Nakorn province. He is the current abbot of the CMFOL temple. He also belongs to Wat Charoen Samanakit located in the southern part of Thailand, the beautiful island of Phuket.


Phra Yotlak jinalayo

from wat Laoluang Temple

Bandung district   Udonthani province Thailand

Phrakrupaladmongkolawat aka. Saman Katapunno was born in 1970 in Baan Muang district located in the north-east part of Thailand, Sakon Nakorn province. He originally belonged to Suwanjindaram temple located in Lad Lumkeaw district Pathumtahni province. He worked for the tempe as a secretary.


Phra Poosit Khantidharo

from Udonthani Thailand

Phra Ekkachai Pundhitawangso aka. Prakiew was born March 11, 1982 in Baan Muang district in Sakon Nakorn province. He belonged to Tahsaad temple, Seka district located in the city of Nong Kai.


Phra Papakorn Paphakaro

from Suwanjindaram Pathumtahni province  Thailand


Phra Wittaya Wattano aka. Tar was born on August 22, 1987 in Kantaraluk district, Srisaket province located in north eastern part of Thailand. He was ordained on December 5, 2007. He belonged to Dhammamongkol temple located in Bangkok.


Phra Taninpat Kootaseelo

from Dhammamongkol Temple Bangkok  Thailand